Quick View

The Quick View functionality allows you to upload a single report to pgdash.io and interactively view it.

You do not need to have a account in the pgdash.io website to use quick view. The reports are stored for 24 hours and deleted after that. You can delete the report earlier using the admin code generated during the upload. The report will be publically available with a unique, non-guessable URL.

You can use quick view like this:

$ pgmetrics -f json --no-password mydb | pgdash quick
Upload successful.
Quick View URL: https://app.pgdash.io/quick/0MXXwPESef3RqBCX1RZ0Tu
Admin Code: 32978

Here is a sample report: https://app.pgdash.io/quick/qdSjM0IGcfnW8gIy2Y76na