pgDash Documentation

Below is an overview of pgDash followed by a set of articles to help you get up and running with pgDash quickly. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

pgDash is a modern, comprehensive monitoring solution designed specifically for PostgeSQL deployments. pgDash lets you observe and track every aspect of your PostgreSQL database servers. pgDash provides core reporting and visualization functionality, including collecting and displaying PostgreSQL information and providing time-series graphs and detailed reports as well as alerting.

pgDash relies on pgmetrics for collecting metrics from Postgres servers. pgmetrics is an open-source, standalone utility. pgmetrics is a single, zero-dependency binary with a command-line syntax similar to psql. It can emit the data it collects either as a textual report, or as JSON. The JSON output can be used for scripting, and in this case, can be sent to pgDash. See for more information.

pgDash is available both as a SaaS product, at, and as a self-hosted (on-premise) version that you can host yourself. For more details about a Free Trial of the self-hosted version, please contact us at

pgDash is a product from RapidLoop, the makers of OpsDash.

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